Yay outfit time!

Miss Vanessa from NessBow asked me to be a part of her group outfit of the day. The theme for this time was “Your Favorite Fairytale” so I picked Hansel and Gretel!

I like this fairytale particularly because Hansel and Gretel use their brains to get out of a crappy situation rather than waiting around for other people to rescue them. As much as I enjoy fairytales, all of that waiting around for someone to rescue me stuff never worked well for me, I’m more of an action girl.

I figured that modern day Gretel would be stylish but functional!

Outfit rundown!

Hair- Overhead plaits, once these are in they’re not going anywhere. No fuss and easy!
Shirt- Savers. The comfiest shirt I own, perfect for long walks in the forest.
Skirt- Valley Girl. Easy movement, cute and perfect for running away from witches.
Sweater- Handmade. Well a girl’s got to keep warm in the forest!
Shoes- Big W. Sneakers are the best choice for long walks and kicking witches into ovens!

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