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A little while ago I was contacted by a new Australian start up company to trial their service. The basic idea of it is that you can use Selz to create an online shop (or just sell individual items) which you can then embed into your own site or share via social media.

Quick run down:

Selz a platform which allows you to easily sell pretty much anything online. It makes selling to your social network as easy as making a Facebook post, a Tweet or sharing a link.

Selz is a great tool for increasing audience engagement and interaction as its very user friendly, making it easier for you to post offers and items which can be made available locally or internationally

You can sell digital downloads, physical items and share it on social media very easily.

Basically it’s kind of like Ebay/Gumtree but for social media.

I already have an online shop so I thought about how I would use a service like this in a way which would benefit you guys as readers.

Easy answer: give away free things!! 😀

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 5.19.25 PM

A lot of you might not have been reading for this long but in 2010 I wrote an ebook about blogging. It was 76 pages long and fully illustrated with cute little cartoons. I sold them in my shop at the time and it felt like a huge achievement putting that much work into something!

It’s been 3 years since then and the internet being the way it is, so much has changed so the information in the ebook really needs an update! I have had “update ebook” on my to-do list for a good portion of this year but I keep getting sidetracked doing things like organising the Bergamot shirts etc.

So in the mean time I have decided to give the old version of the ebook away for free. Some of the links might be outdated and the information (and my hair colour) is a little old but there are still some really great tips in there and it’s a good starting point for those of you who are starting your own blogs!

That, and the drawings are pretty damn cute 😉

You can download the ebook for free using the Selz button below! I hope you enjoy it and please look forward to the new version because that’s going to be epic!

My mini review of having used Selz so far:

It took me around 2 minutes to complete the listing for Blogging In Style. Honestly it made me a little frustrated how much time an effort I had spent putting together my full online store because if you’re selling a few items Selz would be so much easier than putting together an entire store, even with shop plugins. I like that it handles digital downloads so simply and I like that if you’re offering something for free customers don’t have to put in a heap of unnecessary information to checkout.

My only slight drawback is that there aren’t many customisation options for the widgets and buttons so if, for example, you wanted to match everything perfectly to your website you would need to maybe create your own buttons which matched your site and then use the links Selz provides rather than just popping in a widget. That said it’s still a very new company so I think things like that will come in time.

The weirdest thing about it that I like is the clean and uncluttered layout. It’s easy to navigate and doesn’t look like it’s full of junk unlike other selling websites (I’m looking at you Gumtree). Overall I’ve enjoyed using it in my test runs so far and I think I will definitely use it for special downloads, freebies, closet clean outs or quickie sales which are just available for people who follow on social media.

Speaking of free things and closet clean outs…

I’ve been thinking of clearing room for new craft projects by giving away some of the old things I’ve made. Would you guys be interested?

Living in an apartment has made me really appreciate space and organisation so I would like some more space so I can make more things and tutorials for the blog. I would be giving the old one of a kind crafts/accessories/clothes/whatever away for free, whoever got them would just need to pay for the postage to send it to them.

Let me know if that’s something you guys would be interested in and if so, is there anything of mine in particular you’d like to see go up on Selz? I can’t promise I’ll put it up but let me know anyway and I’ll see how it goes!

If you guys are interested in that I’ll start listing things on Selz this weekend and post about it on my social media sites, make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so you don’t miss out!

And of course check out Selz if you’re planning on selling things online!

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