It’s getting quite chilly and wintery here now so I’ve been going through a knitting/crochet binge. I tend to do this every time it gets cold XD

I’ve been trying to dent my yarn stash a bit and one of the projects I came up with to use up scraps was this fluffy faux cable crochet hat. I like to think it’s so ugly it’s cute!

So let’s get started!



For this guide you will need to know the basics of crochet eg. stitches, decreasing, beginning,ending etc.

You will need a few balls of yarn in various colours. I just used my scraps up and when I ran out of one colour I started the next. I used a 5.5mm crochet hook and doubled over the yarn for a chunky look.  All of the stitches in this hat are double crochet, you could use single crochet but you would probably need to double the number of rows.

This technique is basically cabling for people who can’t be bothered to actually cable, it’s good for beginners because there’s less thinking to do while you’re stitching!



Make a foundation chain and form a circle, the circle should be a bit bigger than your head. The number of stitches will depend on the size of your head but make sure it’s divisible by 8. Here I used 80 stitches. When we add the faux cabling it will pull the hat in a bit so it’s better to add a few extra stitches and have it a bit loose for this style of hat.

Double crochet 2 complete rows.



Now for the faux cabling!

Crochet little tabs in a different colour, they should be 4 stitches across and then 4 rows upwards. Continue making these little tabs until you run out of places to put them.



When it’s all flared out it should look like this:



To make the actual cabling (or rather faux cabling)  you just need to weave the tabs together and then tie/stitch the ends together.



It looks like this when it’s done.



And here’s a better view of the actual weaving. The arrows show the direction that each piece is going and then the scribble represents where the two pieces are sewn together.



Now double crochet another 2 rows on top of that. For the first row you’ll be picking up stitches from the woven bit which can get a little confusing. Don’t worry about it too much but again try to get a number of stitches which is divisible by 8. You’ll notice that the hat as cinched in a little bit and the rows up the top kind of look like a zigzag because they are taking the line of the woven cable.



Now repeat the tab process and weave them together for another row of cabling. It will pull the hat even more at the top.



Now add a row of your other colour. In the next row decrease every 3 stitches. After a few rows of that you’ll run out of stitches to decrease so tie it off and you should have a hat 😀


Now add some ear flaps! Here start with 15 stitches for the first row then decrease 1 stitch each side for ever row. This will make a nice rounded ear shape.


Lastly add some pompoms! I decided to edge the whole thing with white to match the pompoms more. To do this I just did a single crochet row around it all then plaited some long pieces together for the pompoms to hang on to.



Cuuute! And perfect for this chilly weather!


Hope you guys enjoyed it and let me now if you make one!


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