This is such a fun look and really doesn’t take too long to do! I had way too much fun making this video including doing the Charleston for far longer than I actually included in the video XD

Hope you enjoyed it!

Today I was a bit inspired by the remake of The Great Gatsby so I wanted to do a look suited to that. Neither my look or the looks in the movie are particularly accurate for the time period but they sure are fun!

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The Great Gatsby Inspired Hair/Make Up Instructions:

Hello, today we’re going to have some fun with a look inspired by the new Great Gatsby movie!
Hey besties! Hmm, that 20’s theme party is in 20 minutes! How can I get ready in time?
I’ve got it!
A cute hat and fake finger waves!
I’m a freaking genius!
Ok, let’s get started!
Separate your fringe and curl it under using whatever method you’re comfortable with.
Part your hair in the middle and then separate a piece of hair on the side.
Brush it around so it forms a wave that finishes just above your ear, then pin it in place!
Using the same section of hair, form a second wave that finished behind your ear like this. Then pin it in place!
Repeat on the other side.
Form a wave that finishes just above your ear, then pin it in place.
My hair was already curled for this but you can do this look with straight or curly hair.
This version is a way to quickly cheat at making finger waves if you have a hat handy.
A hat can cover anything!
Once you reach the back, fold all the remaining hair up and pin it to the top of your head.
This style does work better with shorter hair.
Make sure that all your pins are above the level of your hat line.
Now smooth it all down with some hairspray. You cant have a 20’s look with fly-aways!
This looks alright but just wait until you add a hat!
BAM! Super cute! And that’s how you do super quick/easy/lazy almost finger waves.
Now you just need to top off the look with some make up.
Obviously if this was a real 1920’s look you would start from scratch but this was for a last minute costume party.
The key to 20’s eye shadow is to create a darker line around your crease.
Then a darker line around your lash line as well.
Line your waterline in black and bring some of the shadow down to soften it up a little.
You don’t want a sharp wing, you’re aiming for a rounder shape.
Use lots of mascara on your top and bottom lashes.
These looks are quite bottom lash heavy and that’s how you get that doe-eyed look that was so popular back then.
Add a darker shade of lipstick and that’s it!
Now you’re ready to look out a window pining for your lost love.
Now charleston your way all over that dance floor!
I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial. Check the link in the description for more photos and other tutorials!
Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of the Great Gatsby remake!
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