It’s time for an outfit post and it’s more triple shots 😀 I love doing these so much. It’s so fun finding new locations for them as well!

It’s pretty cold here now but under my jackets I’m still obsessed with outfits which are suited for Spring like this cute floaty dress!

Dress- HimeLOVE/HimeHolic
Flower- Gift
Bag- Lizlisa
Cardigan- Myer
Stockings- Myer
Shoes- Gift

This outfit was sponsored by HimeLOVE. Check their webstore for cute Lolita and Hime clothes straight from Japan with worldwide shipping! Check their sister store for more styles too: The lady who runs this store is super sweet!

This outfit was what I wore on Mother’s Day! It was such a lovely Autumn day I couldn’t resist having a leaf fight… by myself XD

Dress- Valley Girl
Stockings- Myer
Shoes- DIY’d
Cardigan- Jeanswest or some place like that which I cut into a cardigan
Hat- Valley Girl
Scarf- Tempt

This outfit was sponsored by Vivi Clothes! Super lacy chiffon Snidel dress, I love how fluffy the lace skirt is, there is a layer of glitter tulle underneath!

Dress: Vivi Clothes
Leggings: Coco Latte
Shoes: Witner, flowers and diamantes added by me
Flower: Gift
Belt: Kitten D’Amour

There are so many different Japanese brands on the ViVi Clothes site so make sure to check it out too!

This outfit was a simple and comfortable choice for a photography walk in Brisbane!

Shirt- Coco Latte
Leggings- Coco Latte
Shoes- DreamV
Bangles- Thrift Store
Skirt- Coco Latte

I wore this outfit to walk Lottie and I thought it deserved something much fancier! The dress is really comfortable and the fabric feels really nice with the tartan woven in rather than printed. The little hearts on the stockings made me very happy!

Dress- HimeLOVE/HimeHolic
Necklace- Gift
Shoes- 7 Angels
Bracelet – gift
Stockings- HimeLOVE/HimeHolic

This outfit was sponsored by HimeLOVE.  Make sure you sign up to their blog too for coupons, discounts and sales:

This outfit was a bit fancier than I usually wear but I loved it!

Skirt- Coco Latte
Jacket- Valley Girl
Shirt- Some random local store
Shoes- DreamV
Stockings- Gift
Necklace: Earth Jewel Creations


I have been inspired by some of the fashions from The Great Gatsby remake. Not particularly traditionally accurate but fun none the less!

Hat- Tempt
Shirt- HimeLOVE
Skirt- Valley Girl
Shoes- Gift
Stockings- Myer

This shirt was sponsored by HimeLOVE. Check their sister store for more styles:

This was my beach outfit for our QLD trip! It wasn’t super beach appropriate… I took the heels right off the second the photos were done but it was so cute I couldn’t resist it XD

Swimsuit- ForLuna
Shorts- Tempt (tailored by me)
Shoes- DreamV
Scarf- Thrift store

You can see how I did the hair on my Youtube channel too!

This was another Brisbane outfit but this one was just for a random day running around! I am still totally in love with those shoes.

Shirt- 7 Angels
Belt- Thrift Store
Skirt- Valley Girl
Stockings – Daiso
Shoes- Target
Belt- Earth Jewel Creations

This was an awesomely comfortable outfit for an awesomely lazy day 😀 Can’t go wrong with no make up and big sunglasses.

Shirt- Factory
Jeans- Cotton On
Shoes- Big W
Sunglasses- Fashion Addict


Lastly I couldn’t resist taking this one with one of my favorite childhood toys: Sylvanian Families! I still collect them now 😀

Dress: Thrift Shop
Shirt: Thrift Shop
Flower: Hand made

Hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if you know of any cool locations I could do more of these in!

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