Before we get deep into the sewing for next week’s tutorials I thought I would show you guys a very quick no-sew project!

This is another super old idea which has been around the internet like crazy and I never thought I would actually make one until I recently realised I have very few big chunky necklaces.

And so my version of the traditional tshirt scarf/necklace turned out like this:



Sometime last year I used this shirt as an experiment to make a bleached gradient effect. There’s a tutorial for that over here.

Since then it’s been sitting in my craft pile waiting for a project.


So step 1. is to cut off the seams around the neck and arms and the bottom.



Then cut the remaining fabric into strips. You can either remove the side strips or you can leave them for really long necklaces.


I love the gradient effect!


Now with each of these pieces stretch them out with your finger.


They will roll up on themselves and curl around like this.


Now it’s just a matter or arranging them the way that you like so they form a necklace. You can hang them all at the same length or make longer variations.


I went with different variations depending on the colours. I thought the seems looked pretty cool but you could easily cover them with beads or plait several strands together. There are so many versions of this one idea!

In the end I decided to keep mine plain so the colour was the main focus.


To finish off all of the edges you just need to hold them together and use another piece of shirt to secure it. Tie the shirt in a knot around loose ends and then wrap it until the ends are hidden. Tie off and then poke the loose pieces inside the wrapped area. You’ll get something nice and clean like this:





And that all there is to it, it’s a nice quick project, no sewing involved and you can customise it as much or little as you want.

This has made me think more about fun things to do with old tshirts!


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