It’s been a while since I was able to put together a video tutorial but I finally got to do a new hair tutorial! I totally love this style because once it’s in place it’s not going anywhere no matter how windy it is!

It was fun filming on the beach too!

Hope you guys enjoyed it ^_^

Finally a new video! I’ve made a lot of changes in my life recently and videos will return to being a weekly thing as of now. I’ll be starting a new beginners sewing series on the blog next week as well as an art series here. Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Also I’m still trying to get in contact with the winner of my last competition so please check your inbox/channel walls to see if it was you! .



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How To Do A Retro Beach Hairstyle

Automatically translated by machine.
Hello and welcome to another hair tutorial.
This one is a little bit special because we’re at the ocean!
We are at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.
For cute beach looks it’s best to have your hair up as it can get pretty windy!
This hairdo is kind of vintage and has lots and lots of rolls so let’s get started!
This view is a pretty good change right?
Pin your friend and take a small section of hair from the top of your head.
Brush your hair straight upwards and using a teasing comb, tease the backside of it.
The teasing is important otherwise the rolls will separate when you try to put them up.
So with this section of hair, roll it backwards until it forms a loop.
Tuck the ends inside and then pin it to your scalp.
You should have something along these lines.
Now for the hairspray!
This style requires a LOT of hairspray. I have a little mini one that I take with me on travels.
It’s pretty tiny but it packs a punch!
Grab a section of hair next to the first roll.
Pull it outwards and tease the back of it again.
Twist it about half way down.
Then fold it backwards so it forms a loop.
This time, just leave the ends hanging down and then pin it in place.
So now you have one middle loop and one side loop.
Repeat on the other side in the other direction.
Pull it up, tease, twist and fold into a loop.
Pin it in place and add hairspray.
You can never have too much hairspray especially at the beach!
Grab the rest of the hair on the side making sure you don’t have tails of the other loops that you already made.
Tease it.
Twist it.
And form another loop beneath the other ones till you have something like this.
Pin it in place.
Once this style is done, it’s not going anywhere no matter how windy it is!
Or if it decides to rain on your holiday like it always seems to on ours.
Repeat on the other side.
Tease, twist, loop and pin underneath the other loops.
From the back you’ve got this!
Speaking of, let’s do the back.
Grab a section at the top including the tails of the other two loops as well.
Or you could just leave it like this fo a different cute look.
Pull it upwards, tease and roll it forwards to form a loop.
Make sure you poke the tails of this one in.
Roll it so it’s just behind the first loop that you did and pin it in place.
Now separate the remaining hair into two sections.
And roll upwards.
Pin those bad boys in place.
You can do more loops here if you’d like but I was in a hurry so this was as far as I got.
The back doesn’t look great but my mirror was a shiny table surface so this was as good as it got!
Now pick a fringe!
You can tease it and pin for a quiff.
Roll it.
Or sweep it off to one side.
Or just curl it like I did.
The next thing you need is a scarf. Isn’t this nautical one cute?
Now tie it loosely around the rolls.
You don’t want to tie it too tightly or it will squish your rolls and come off at the beach.
A cute tropical flower to match my swimsuit and we’re done!
Except for hairspray… you can always use more hairspray.
Taadaa! Now that’s a hairstyle that’s not going anywhere no matter how windy it is!
We went down to the beach to see the rockpools at low tide, it was really cool!
It looks so cute and sunny here but it was actually storming and rainy for most of this.
You can see here, when I actually had a mirror I fixed the back of my hair right up.
And I added a couple more rolls.
Hope you guys enjoyed my holiday tutorial, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next week. Bye!

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