Winter is coming *insert Game of Thrones theme song….* on strong and when Winter hits I tend to get in the mood to knit and crochet 😀

I’ve resolved this month to make time for myself and doing things that *I* want to do eg. crafting. The first project I finished was this big smooshy scarf!


The knit is super loose and it looks great wrapped up or even rolled into a twist.Knitting-green-scarf-pattern3485


You will need white yarn, green yarn and big fat needles. These ones are 15mm.


The key to this scarf is using fat needles with thin yarn and knitting with two strands of yarn at a time. I’m using standard 8 ply yarn here.



I usually wind the whole ball so the yarn is doubled before I start that way it’s all finished and I don’t have to deal with a knotty mess half way through.



Cast on 35 stitches in green.



Knit in stockinette stitch.



Once you finish 10 rows switch colour to white.



Alternate bands of white and green every 10 rows until you feel like the scarf is long enough. This project is super quick to do up in an afternoon thanks to the chunky needles!


Cast off when you’re all finished!



Now fold the scarf in half (good side out) and use a yarn needle to stitch up the side. It will turn into a big tube! You can sew the ends shut or leave them open so you can tuck them together.



Done, done and done!


I love to wear it wrapped around twice and then tied in a knot. I have an obsession with big scarves!



Ready in a flash and it’s time to go out and enjoy the crisp winter air!


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