I love big buns (and I cannot lie… >_>) but sometimes it’s nice to be able to wear them without teasing/backcombing. Some people aren’t fans of backcombing because it doesn’t suit every hair type and it can be damaging. It’s good to take a break from damaging things!



Start with clean brushed hair. I find this works best on just washed hair for me because it’s quite frizzy so it’s easier to get volume. That said if you have a different kind of hair you may get better results with dirtier hair, it’s best to experiment until you find what works the best!



Don’t you hate when you promise yourself that you’ll avoid damaging hair styles but you want lots of volume? What on earth is a girl to do? XD



Tie your hair up in a ponytail.



The pony tail should be as high as you want the finished bun to be.


Hairspray through the loose hair. This will help give volume and give the style a lot more staying power.


Now mess up your hair!



Run your fingers through your hair and shake it up!



You’ll look super classy ;D



But this messiness is going to create the volume so the puffier the better.



Now to create the actual bun.


Usually when you make a bun you would twist the hair so it curls into a bun. Twisting will push down all of the volume we just made though so while you do need to twist a tiny bit to make the bun, try to keep it to a minimum and just wrap the hair around in a circle:



Pin it in place.



Once it is pinned securely you can pull the bun apart with your fingers so it becomes even more puffy.


Lastly another blast of hairspray!


And a pretty accessory…


And you’re all done!



Go enjoy your puffy bun and enjoy not having to spend ages brushing out teasing later 😀



This week I’ve set up a craft desk and I’m so excited to be able to start making things again! I now have a dressmaker’s mannequin to drape things on so I can start making a lot of sewing tutorials! So excited to start all of that!




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