A couple of weeks ago Celina, Toby, James and I visited the Sunshine Coast!

We had a mad dash to the airport because of James’ stupid McDuff luck >_< I bet I wouldn’t be as stressed out at airports if he didn’t have such bad luck!!! Below with my new Hideo Wakamatsu suitcase. I’ve decided that it’s officially pretty enough to counteract James’ terrible airport luck.



Anyway we made it to Brisbane late on Thursday night and had late birthday dinner with James’ parents and brother. Then we made the drive up to Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast… James and I had a bet on exactly how long it would take to get there. Teeeeechnically he won but I’m still disputing that though >_>

We crashed early that night at the Zanzibar unit and woke up to this in the morning:



Pretty nice way to wake up!



On Friday we woke up late and had breakfast at Starbucks… because we were too lazy to go anywhere XD We were treated to a day at Underwater World and had a fantastic time there!

My camera decided to refuse to take non blurry photos that day so I only have what James shot 🙁

We had dinner at Hot Pipi’s which was pretty good. There was a lot of hilariousness as we explained the pronounciation to German-native Toby! Hot Pip-ees not Hot Pee Pee’s XD

Our view of sunset:



The next day we visited the tourist staple: The Big Pineapple!



We went to see the Earth Jewel Creations stall at their weekly markets.



You already would have seen most of these photos in the jewellery competition we ran!




Jo was super nice and had arranged for us to tour around the rest of the markets too!



Look forward to the vlog of Day 2 which will include more footage of this!





I couldn’t stop staring when she was stamping the metal plates, it was so cool!


There were so many different designs to choose from too.



My awesome wrap necklace:



The markets were absolutely huge! They are really making an effort to update the place now, there’s even a huge music festival happening!

At the markets there was a live band and some extremely good food.



I had a lime and white chocolate cheesecake from Tempest In A Teacup. The sweetest lady made it and she had extremely awesome bright hair! Seriously best cheesecake I’ve had. I was trying to convince her to move to Melbourne and be my personal cheesecake chef but I don’t think I managed it XD


Jo had very kindly arranged a ride for us on the Big Pineapple train! It was so cute and old timey!



It was such a nice surprise to find a place which I remember so well from my childhood has been brought back to life.



Beautiful flowers:



The view of the pineapple farm from the train.




We hopped off the train in the forest area so we could go to the petting zoo! The forest was kind of amazing!



Celina looking adorable:



And as payback for refusing to pose for my photo here is the before one!


This trip, I was obsessed with bright colours and tiny details. I really want to improve my photography.



I made everyone wait while I took photos of this tiny mushroom. Sorry for getting you all bitten by mosquitos… well only a bit sorry because it’s SO tiny!!



We walked up the path to go to the petting zoo…



We were given bags of grass to feed to the animals!



This little cow didn’t want to be my friend or pose for the camera XD



James touched a little piglet…and pretty much every other animal there.



Celina ran away from a goat.



I held a chicken who was terrified of the children who were poking it before we arrived!


We stayed for a good couple of hours at the markets and I don’t think we even saw half of the stalls there. I really want to go back sometime and devote a whole day to just wandering around and eating everything! Omg I almost forgot the fudge!! I found a fudge store that sold English style crumbly sugar fudge which I’d eaten as a child and I ate SOOOOOO much fudge XD Now I’m obsessed and I’m going to have to order from their website. I’m sure the guy thought I was crazy ranting about fudge in the middle of a gigantic pineapple… but it was important!

We finished up at the Big Pineapple and headed to the Maleny Cheese Factory. This got really long though so more on that next post! Hope you guys are having a good week so far!

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