I’ll be filming the next set of these fairly soon so if you have any requests now is the time for them 😀

Today though, I wanted to share one of my favorite elegant styles. This is great for classic outfits and times when a little more elegance is appropriate!

Imagine this:

You’re on holiday somewhere in Europe and you bump into a handsome prince. Love at first sight! He is madly in love with you and invites you to the embassy ball… the only problem is you only have 30 minutes to get ready! D: You already own several ball gowns (who doesn’t, am I right?) but OH NOES what will you do with your hair?!?! Every girl’s worst nightmare… 😉


We did many variations of this when I was at school and someone even invented a little plastic tool which was completely unnecessary XD

Start with your hair in a high ponytail.




Pull the ponytail straight upwards and push the band up a little bit.


Split the ponytail in half under the band. It’s easiest to just poke your finger through and then wiggle it to form a hole.


Flip the ends of the hair forward and poke both of your thumbs into the hole.


Use your thumbs to pull the ends of the ponytail through the hole.



Now it should look something like this, you’ve created a a twist on either side of the band.



But it sits pretty strangely at the front!



And at the back it’s quite loose.



Split the ends of the ponytail and pull them apart so it pushes the hairband upwards. You can pull or push until everything tightens up and sits flat.



Cute but I prefer this style with curled ends so it looks very polished.



I curl the ends of the ponytail using a straightener but you can use anything you prefer.






And you can see that the shape is a lot more streamlined at the front after adjusting the band.


You can add a bow or accessory to cover the band if you like. I think this one looks a bit like I should be going horse riding!


All finished!



This is an easy style to do in the mornings before school or work as it can be done in only a few minutes once you get the hang of it. You can also just roll the loose hair up into a bun to make it even quicker!


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and let me know if you give it a try!



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