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As you guys know, we recently took a trip to The Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. The Snapshot posts and vlogs are coming but I couldn’t wait to post about this! One of the highlights of the trip was visiting The Big Pineapple to see their new markets and meet Jo from Earth Jewel Creations. The Big Pineapple has really changed a lot since I was a kid but I’ll post more on the when I write up my Snapshots!

Earth Jewel Creations is one of the permanent stalls at the markets and having seen Jo’s handmade jewellery online before I was quite excited to try some on.

Jo was lovely enough to allow me to do a giveaway with some of her jewellery so you guys can enjoy it too, the details are at the bottom of the post!

Here I am with Jo trying on one of the jewellery wraps.


The store specialises in jewellery made from beautiful gems as well as hand stamped customised charms.


The pieces I was most interested to see on our visit were the suede jewellery wraps. They are adjustable so you can wear them a lot of different ways (one of my favorite things ever!) and they come in a lot of different colours and with different charms.



The big ball charms are detachable too so you can move them around.


Jo was nice enough to give me a White Magnesite/Pyrite wrap and I made a video on all of the different ways to wear it:

According to the paper that came with it, the White Magnesite represents harmony and acceptance while the Pyrite represents Self Esteem and Assertiveness. James laughed at how much that applied to things I need >_> Certainly couldn’t hurt and either way they sure are pretty! XDThere were a lot of different styles of jewellery available and the prices were really great considering the quality of materials. A lot of it was beautifully styled for the beach. Very relaxed!Earth-Jewel-Creations4004Big-Pineapple-QLD10978 

I did manage to find the pink and purple section 😉



Rose quartz is so pretty.



Trying on my wrap as a doubled necklace:



Celina and I with Jo. Everyone at The Big Pineapple was lovely but it was such a treat to meet someone who was so extremely passionate about what they were doing. I really love meeting passionate people and she was just so lovely to talk to. You can really tell when people are doing something that they love 🙂


Here she is, hard at work making a handstamped charm for James!


And here is the finished charm on his bracelet. I loved that there were actually options for boys too and they weren’t too over the top and fussy like a lot of guys jewellery is these days. She can custom stamp pretty much anything while you’re at the markets!



She even made Lottie a special charm on a rose quartz base. These can be used for pets or as key charms!


Lottie has been enjoying the jingling sound it makes when she rolls around on the floor but I managed to get to to stay still for a photo by bribing her with jerky:


Make sure to have a look at Jo’s Facebook page too, there are some great photos and deals there!

Each of the items comes with information about the gems used and what they mean. If you’re into that there is more information on her website as well.




I really enjoyed seeing the whole process of customising the charms so if you’re in the area I would definitely suggest visiting Jo at the Big Pineapple Markets or seeing where else she is exhibiting at the time.





Everything at the Earth Jewel Creations stall has a really positive and happy message which lately I think I could use some more of in my life.

Jo has put up some great special offers at the moment so check them out here!


And what you’ve all been waiting patiently for…

If you would like to win your own beautiful piece of jewellery enter the competition below!


Earth Jewel Creations have very kindly donated 2 bracelets for me to give away to you guys.


To enter to win the Rose Quartz Bracelet (Value AU$45):

Leave a comment on THIS youtube video telling me the name of your favorite item on the Earth Jewel Creations website and why you need some new jewellery in your life!


To enter to win the Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet (Value AU$49):

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me the name of your favorite item on the Earth Jewel Creations website and what kind of outfit you would wear it with!

Here are the terms:

  • Competition will be open from now until midnight AEST on the 17th of April 2013 (updated)
  • Winners will be contacted via email (or Youtube message) and must respond within 7 days to claim the prize
  • You may enter to win each bracelet but you may only enter each one once
  • Entries are open internationally so long as you are legally allowed to enter where you live
  • Entries will be judged on creativity.
  • The rest of the standard terms and conditions over here.
Thank you very much to Earth Jewel Creations and I can’t wait to read all of your entries!

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