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I’m back from Queensland and getting back into the swing of everything! This week I’ve got some big announcements as well as some competitions coming up but let’s kick things off with a hair tutorial 😀

Looped plaits are a really versatile style because they go with a lot of different fashion looks. I really love these with classic Lolita styled outfits but they can be dressed up or down and worn with just about anything.

And the video:

Seeing as this is a fairly easy style I thought I would show you the basics of how to plait as well. Start with brushed hair.How-To-Plait-Tutorial31


Divide it in half, we’ll be plaiting each side.



Have two hair ties ready, I usually just keep them on my wrist so I don’t have to search around for them later.



Divide the first half into three sections. I’ve labeled them and colour coded so you you can see how they move in the photos.


Take section #1 on the left and move it over #2 so it’s now in the center.



Now take section #3 and move it over the top of #1 so it now becomes the middle piece. Basically you do this over and over again, taking the left section then moving it to the center, then the right to the center, then the left, the right, the left etc until you run out of hair.


So the next step would be to take #2 and move it to the center over the top of #3.


You’ll start to see this pattern forming:




I suggest if you’re just learning to plait to try doing it on someone else first or use pieces of ribbon until you understand the basic hand motions. It’s much easier to understand it when you can see what you’re doing!

And just continue that until you reach the end then tie off.



Now the looping part of this style! Take the end of the plait and make a loop by holding it just behind your ear.



Like this:



Pin it in place, you may need a few pins crossing over to hold it in place. The easiest way to secure it is to push a few of the pins through the hair tie so they don’t slip out later.



Don’t forget the other side!



Once you have repeated on the other side give it a blast of hairspray.


To make them a bit bigger you can gently pull the sides of the plait to separate them.






Now you just need to add some cute accessories and you’re all finished. This style looks great with an alice band or some clips on the side.


Hope that was helpful!


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