I’m getting ready to go to Queensland this week so have an early hair tutorial 😉

Queensland is putting me in a beachy mood so what better than a one sided hairstyle? It reminds  me a bit of a mermaid ^_^



So start with brushed hair. This looks especially great with waved hair or curls.Beach-Hair-Tutorial09


Decide which side you want the hair brushed over to and grab the other side.


Brush it over to the other side. Surprise XD



This looks best with a really deep part line.



Like this:



At the back, grab the hair at the bottom.



Twist it upwards like this:



Pin it in place. Make sure you place one of the bobby pins right in the twist and one in an X shape with it. This is the strongest way to hold pins together. I think I need to do a bobby pin basics tutorial because a lot of people tend to have problems with them.



It should look roughly like this. Now your hair will stay over one side all day without you constantly having to flick it every time the stupid wind at the beach decides to blow the other way.

You can also use this as a base to add decorations and flowers.



From the front it’s pretty plain though…



So grab a small section of hair in front of your ear and fold it backwards. Don’t pull it tight, this is a relaxed style.


Pin it in place and add a decoration like a hibiscus flower or something else nice and beachy. Fluff out the rest of your hair so it’s very full.


Easy and perfect for the beach!






Now I just have to actually go to a beach…


Ok! I’ve got to get back to packing, see you all in Queensland!

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