You guys will probably remember that as part of the Home Sweet Home Project I made a new kitchen backsplash out of contact and wrapping paper. I couldn’t find a pattern that I wanted so I ordered some purpose made kitchen sticker covering.

The new version and the old!


I bought the sticker from ebay. They no longer ship here unfortunately but you can easily find similar products by searching for “kitchen stickers”. It arrived around 2 weeks later and came from Korea. It cost around $35 for a 2 meter length. I had quite a bit left over and I’m going to be using it in the laundry.Kitchen-Stickers-Back-Splash57


I also bought some stickers for the fridge but I haven’t taken proper photos yet.



It comes in a roll and passes the puppy sniff test.



It was quite easy to stick together. After cutting to the right size I just peeled the back off and lined it up.



Lining it up was a bit of a problem because the designs themselves didn’t actually line up as they weren’t printed completely straight>_<



Worth the effort though because I love this patten and I think it goes with my Spring theme much more than the older version.


While it was more expensive it’s probably a bit more durable and I definitely love the pattern!