Time for another hair tutorial. This week I’m doing a faux mini ponytail!


As usual, here is the video version of this style and the downloadable one is down the end!

I love having long hair but sometimes it’s nice to have short hair too. I don’t want to cut it so how can I have a little cute ponytail without the commitment of a cut? It’s actually pretty easy!


Start with putting your hair up into a high ponytail. Don’t pull the hair through the whole way on the last wrap of the elastic.



So it should make a little loop with the tail part around the front like this:



Now push the loop down on the back of your head so it sits flat. Pin it in place like this:



Now tease the ends of the hair a bit. This will prevent them from splitting later.



Pin the ends of the hair down just in front of the hairband to your head.



Fluff the hair out and add some hairspray.



Now flip the hair back over the loop and fan it out so it covers the bump properly.


It should cover the whole loop and look just like a really fluffy mini ponytail! I like to add a bow to the front for a finishing touch.



Pretty cute and no commitment!



My hair being pink makes this look more obvious and harder to hide the bump, it looks a lot more natural when the hair is all the same colour XD


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and good luck if you give it a try!

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