Some more sketches and paintings? Yeaaaaah I think so!

I’ve been really interested in fashion illustration recently so my nightly paintings have reflected that.

Here are a couple of random dresses I designed just to have something to practice with:


These are a combination of watercolours and


I absolutely love this purple ink, it’s so amazing. It makes me want to dig up all of my inks and paint with them too.



I also decided to do some fashion illustrations from famous designers to test my skills. This one is a Donna Karan piece from the Spring 2013 line.



These next two are from the Chanel 2013 Resort collection, the second and 4th in that photo.



We were in a park recently to help with some filming and I had the hardest job: guarding the expensive camera equipment while sitting and eating chips… what? It was totally hard >_> So anyway I did a little landscape painting…



I also continued the series of texture studies with a few more of these paintings *_*



I like this colour combination a lot. I finally got myself a pink tube so no more tedious mixing for me!


And lastly, here’s one of Lottie. I’m trying to learn how to draw dogs but for some reason I find them so hard!


And here’s one more in which I was testing out some salt techniques. I think the effects are really cool!


Hope you enjoyed, I’m going to buy a massive stack of paper and get some serious painting done in QLD next week. Also for those of you who asked me if I would sell any of these paintings, I thought about it for quite a while and I’ve decided to go ahead with selling both prints and originals. They will be added to my store when we get back from the coast so look forward to it!


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