Craaaft time! YAY~

Today is something really simple, a braided leather cuff made from a belt!



This style of braided belts used to be super popular but these days they are more often found in thrift stores. That means you can easily pick one up for a few dollars and make a whole heap of different things from it!



The first thing I made with mine was a thick cuff. It’s really simple, just cut a section of the belt which is long enough to go around your wrist plus a few extra centimeters to fold over in the hem. This belt is not held together other than at the ends so before I cut, I put down a line of hot glue at each end to prevent it from unraveling straight away.



Once it’s cut, add another line of glue and fold the ends over. You will need a clasp so you can actually wear it so you can either stitch it in place or you can glue it on too.


And that’s it!


I used a claw hook and some rings for the attachment but you can use pretty much anything.



An easy craft for a super hot day! Considering it only used a small amount of the belt there is heaps left over for other projects. Now I’m thinking of threading it through some more chain for necklaces and bracelets.

Hope the weather is better in your part of the world 😀