It’s been a long time since I’ve done an outfit post! Rather than a regular one I wanted to show you guys some of the fun triple shots I’ve been posting on Instagram lately. If you don’t follow me yet my username is @VioletLeBeaux so come add me!

We’re in a heat wave here and without airconditioning my brain has melted into a pool of nothing >_<  We have been having this conversation a lot lately:

Violet: Hey, we should go write that post I’ve been meaning to do.

Brain: …. but weather hot. WHY MAKE ME WORK?

Violet: Because the lovely people are waiting for you to do things…


Violet: You are the worst.

Brain: … … … …. … SLURPEEEEEEES!

Violet: …………………………………. Yeah, ok.

I’ve been playing a lot more with the outfit shots I post there and my favorite way to display them has been in triple shots like this 😀

Dress- Made by me

Jacket- Angelic Pretty

Shoes- 7Angels

They have been dubbed the “Violet Triplets” XD

I figure that three of me is better than one and we can take over the world much quicker if we divide the work up!

Shirt- Thrift store
Skirt- Gift
Shoes- Big W, glittered by me

Most of the comments on these photos are asking what app I use. There’s no specific app I use for them, I just take 3 photos then painstakingly match them up, erase details and draw them back in 😀

Shirt- Target
Jeans- Cotton On
Shoes- Target

Jumper: Tempt
Skirt/Dress: Thrift Shop
Shoes: DreamV

This outfit is actually the same as the above one but I liked the outside photos much better XD

I’ve been trying to mix up my styles a bit more and wear clothes that have been sitting at the back of my closet for months. I’m on a shopping ban… well I guess I *was* on a shopping ban until the other day when I went shopping with my Mum… but that doesn’t count!

Do you guys have a tips on how to try to restyle clothes you already own?

Dress: Ice (I think?) Modified by me
Cardigan: Ice
Shoes: DreamV

This is my absolute favorite outfit at the moment, it’s so comfy and both cool and warm at the same time!

Dress: Thrift Shop
Shirt: Thrift Shop

More new styles, I like bright colours!

Dress: Thrift Shop
Shoes: Gift
Cardigan: Ice

These ones are from our trip to Canberra!

Dress: Ice
Scarf: Chanel
Shoes: Gift

And my favorite of all, this was from the airport on the way home. I felt a lot more like the me on the left than the right though XD

Dress: Ebay
Shoes: Gift
Scarf: Chanel

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Brain: SLURPEE NOW!!!!!!!

Violet: Sorry guys, got to go…

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