This week I’ve been in planning mode, at the end of the month we’re going to be visiting Queensland for work/a short holiday and there’s so much to schedule in! Sometimes it seems like even holidays are a lot of work XD


The lack of craft tutorials lately has been because I’ve been using my nights to paint… or you know, sleep like a normal person. I have a scheduled craft day this Thursday so hopefully I can start some new projects!

The painting has made me really curious though, water colours are my medium of choice so I wondered if they could make some interesting nail art.



The answer is yes!



It’s an interesting technique which can have a lot of different results, let me know if I should do a tutorial for this ^_^



I used a yellow base but next time I want to give the base the texture of thick art paper too.



And in case you were wondering, the background is from one of the pictures I’ve been working on!

I think I would like to do a lot more painting, it’s very relaxing after a very long day.


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