It’s been a really crazy week and between everything else I’ve been getting the next batch of these hair tutorials ready. Today’s tutorial is something that might help those of you thinking of dying your hair a crazy colour. I get quite a few comments and emails every saying “I want to do my hair like yours but I can’t because of school/work/something else”. Well this is a great way to see if it looks good before you commit or do it for the weekend and then wash it out before Monday!

The video version of this will be added as soon as I finish editing!

Let’s do it!


So you want to try out crazy colours but without the commitment? Using artist’s chalk pastels is perfect for this! I’ve done previous posts about using Illamasqua’s Pigments in the same way too if you happen to have some of those.DIY-Temp-Hair-Color-Tutorial28

They’re cheap and easy to use and the colour sits very naturally in the hair without being crunchy or gross like some other temporary colours. Once it’s in and set you can just style as usual!



The hardest part is deciding what colour to choose! I picked a purplish pink a bit darker than my regular pink so you could see it a bit better in my hair. I think I want to try doing some purple and blue streaks in my pink too!



So you need a pastel and also a piece of cardboard so you can cover the other hair up.



Section the piece of hair you want to colour.



Put the cardboard under it to protect the other hair.



Then just draw the pastel over all of the hair.



Don’t forget the ends.



And the underneath as well.



Give it a quick blast with the hairspray to seal it all in.



Then just give it a brush through so it sits well with the rest of your hair and looks natural.


OMG IT WORKED! And when you’re done being pink/purple/blue/whatever you can just wash your hair and be back to normal!


And yes before you ask, you can do this on dark hair too. Pastels are generally opaque so as long as you pick a nice bright colour you should be good to go!



Go forth and enjoy being as crazy and creative as you want to with the knowledge you can wash it all out in the morning!


Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you try it out!

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