I’m still catching up from our weekend in Canberra so I thought it would be nice to kick off the week with a video of a Transformation I took part in for Illamasqua’s new collection. I was invited last week so I could have a look through the new collection I’MPERFECTION. The premise of this collection is to celebrate all of the things we generally try to hide as imperfections.

Here is the video we made of the day, hope you enjoy!

I could really see myself wearing the speckle eyeliner again and there’s an extremely neat 1960’s style look using the b/w combination in the brochure which I want to recreate.


The whole collection is pretty awesome but the things I really liked from the collection were the Speckle Polishes and the Precision Ink eyeliners. The speckle range is supposed to be inspired imperfections on eggs. I’ve been a fan of Precision Ink for quite some time now but seeing the white and black combination really inspired me to try some new looks.





The new Blush Up brush is definitely an interesting concept which I could see helping some people with application but I tend to wear very light rounded blush if any so I couldn’t see myself using it too much.

I LOVE the pink eyebrows, I really want to practice doing this myself so I can have pink eyebrows more often 😀


Here is a list of what Rebecca used in the Transformation.


  • Matt primer
  • Skin Base #2
  • Cream pigment in Emerge for colour correction
  • Loose powder #010
  • Concealer #115
  • Powder Foundation #113


  • Contoured with Blush Duo Katie/Ambition using Blush Up brush
  • Highlight using Powder Eyeshadow in Sex
  • Define brows with Katie blush and sealing gel


  • Base- Cream pigment in Hollow
  • Shadows- Stealth, Heroine and Pivot
  • Waterline- Wiplash pencil
  • Liner- Speckled line with Abyss and Scribe Precision Ink
  • Lashes- #21


  • Whiplash pencil and Shoot Lipgloss


  • Bait pencil and Immodest Gloss

After we were finished filming we switched out the green lipgloss for a pink so it was a little more “me” and grocery-shopping friendly XD


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