I’m heading off to Canberra today so by the time you guys read this James and I will probably already be on the plane ^_^ I think this is the hairstyle I’ll be wearing today too!


And here is the video version of the tutorial that I did quite some time ago.

This style requires you to have basic knowledge of how to braid, I’m planning to cover the basics in another upcoming tutorial for those of you who don’t already know.

Start with brushed hair.



Grab a section at the front of your head starting from just behind the ears.



Pull it up like this and then tie the rest of the hair out of the way.


And then flip/brush it over to the side you want the ponytail to end up on.


Take a very small section of hair just above the ear on one side. Begin the braid using that small section of hair.



Continue the braid using small loose sections hair hair so it goes over the top of your head from one side to the other. The arrows below indicate the ways the strands of the braid sit on the head. If you want the braid to sit up more and be a bit puffy make sure the sections of hair you use are loose. If you have thinner hair you can use sea salt spray to help give volume.



When you reach this point stop.



From the top it will look like this:



Brush any left over hair up to the top of your head and then tie it all into a ponytail.


I like my ponytail to sit really vertical so I try to angle the band upwards.


The pieces of the braids may get messed up while you tie the hair tie so to give it some extra puff you can pull them out a bit once it’s all secure.



Now just add a pretty accessory like a flower and you’re all good to go!



From the top:



This style looks good  straight or curled.


Hope you guys enjoyed. I’ll be shooting the next set of these tutorial next week when we get back so if there any styles you want me to cover just leave a comment!


And here’s the downloadable tutorial!




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