Meet Quinn my new mannequin ^_^ She was a gift from an extremely lovely friend and she’s allowing me to do a whoooole lot more sewing! I’m so excited to work on more sewing projects.

I’m planning to do a tutorial as I customise her to my exact measurements as well which should be really fun!



The first project that I decided to do using Quinn was remaking a dress I got from DreamV into a skirt and blouse set.

This was the dress originally:




It was a really pretty dress but they were out of smalls so I ordered a large and it just didn’t sit the way I wanted it to. So goodbye dress and hello skirt and top!

Luckily, ordering a bigger size was really a good idea because it gave me a lot more room to work with the fabric.

First thing I did was carefully cut around the seem connecting the blouse part tot the skirt to separate them. I then hemmed the bottom of the blouse.




Seriously, it was about 5 minutes worth of work.

Here it is with a high waisted skirt:


The skirt had a little more work in it. I made an incision in the waist and shortened the elastic so it was actually the correct size for my waist. I then sewed it back up and hemmed the top.





Now I have a much more versatile set that can be worn together or separately like this in a much more flattering way:


It’s been great getting to some of the things which have been in my sewing pile for waaaay too long. Hopefully I can do some more serious stash busting soon! I will be doing a lot more sewing from scratch as well so if there’s something you’d all like to see let me know ^_^


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