Has it really already been another week *_* God this year is going so quickly!

Today’s hairstyle is a classic pouf with a quiffed fringe. This style is great for school because it’s very quick to do and you can pin the bottom hair however you like to meet rules like “hair must be tied back” etc. You can even pull the bottom hair into an updo at the back and make it suitable for work.



Start with clean brushed hair.


Let’s make a basic pouf first. Grab a section of hair at the top.


Backcomb near the bottom of the section while you pull it forwards.


Fold backwards and pin into a pouf shape. If you like you can shape it with your fingers so it’s rounder/higher/whatever then use some hairspray to smooth down any loose pieces.


Now, grab your fringe and brush it upwards. You can leave the side bits down or bring them up too.


Hold it out like this:


Back comb/tease the back of it near the base. I say near the base but you can really just do the whole lot if you can hold it up enough.


Now fold backwards and pin like you did the pouf. This may take a couple of tries to get the shape you want. If you prefer it to be pointy you can twist the end of the hair slightly before you pin it back. If it’s too messy then just lightly brush it in to place to smooth once it’s pinned.


I like this style with a headband.


I also like to curl the bits around my face so it’s all floaty and pretty.



All done! quick and simple 😀




This style is great for days when you just can’t seem to get your fringe to sit right!



And you can then style the rest of the hair however you like, I think a nice fishtail on one side is perfect!



Here is a video of the quiff styling:

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