And we’re back after weekend with a mini Home Sweet Home post 😀 Other than the crochet items, most of the things I’ve got left to show are on the small side which makes them great for doing one night after work or while watching TV. Of course, last night I went nuts and completely reorganised my craft area again so I’m sure there will be more projects to come soon that are bigger.

This is a very quick easy way to make a doorstop with absolutely no skill required.

The end result:



You need:

  • A plastic take away box. Mine came stuffed with extremely expensive candy corn
  • Rice or something heavy to put in it
  • A large piece of fabric

I’m using some green cherry fabric which was a gift from an extremely lovely friend. Perfectly matches my new apartment colour scheme.



So fill the container with rice and remove the carry handle.



You can use whatever you like to go inside but it needs to be reasonable heavy so it will actually hold the door.


Lay out a large square of fabric which is enough to wrap around the box with lots to spare.


Place the box in the middle diagonally.


Fold two corners over and into the middle like this:



Hold them in place and carefully fold the other two corners up to the middle and tie them into a double knot.


If it looks a bit messy you can just untie and refold until you’re happy. Ideally you want it to be the exact shape of the box just covered with fabric. If you want you can stitch it in place but it’s not really necessary.


It looks like a cute little picnic box!


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