I’ve been playing around with some darker looks in terms of jewellery and clothing. While I was trying to put together looks I realised I don’t really have very many non-pearl necklaces and bracelets. So I set about making myself some!

This was my favorite of the pieces I made that first day by far:




To make it I used some chain, a butterfly I pulled off a broken ring and a strap of leather from a woven belt I bought for $2 from a thrift shop while I was out one day poppin’ tags and looking for a come up 😉


The butterfly was all broken so I glued it back together again and cut two even pieces of chain. At the beginning I considered adding some bling but the end result didn’t need it. Less is apparently sometimes more 😉


I used a couple of rings to attach the chain to the butterfly wings and added a clasp to the ends.


I then cut some lengths of leather which were a bit longer than the chain.


I folded the leather around the end of the chain, glued the end down and then wove it through the links. Once reaching the other end I cut the extra off, folded under again and glued in place.



Easy! That’s all there was to it and it took me more time to decide on the design than it did to make it.


Bonus shot of the designer wearing it!


I think the butterfly is still quite delicate so it adds a nice touch to a darker outfit. What other kinds of jewellery should I try making? I’ve had an obsession with thick bangles recently!


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