We’re back to Home Sweet Home again, well kind of. I promised I would go back through all of the things I hadn’t posted about so today I’ll show you how I did the biggest change to the kitchen: the splashback.

The after:



Again, we rent so I wasn’t allowed to do anything permanent but I really hated the colour of the glass splashback. This make over cost under $10 and all it needed was some pretty wrapping paper and clear book covering contact.



This was the kitchen before:


Before I decided to do this I did several test to make sure it would be waterproof and the heat of the stove top wouldn’t effect it either. Mine was fine because we never use the back burners but I would suggest you test VERY thoroughly as you wouldn’t want it to be a fire hazard. You can also find contact which was made specifically for the kitchen but none of the shops I visited had it. I have since decided I don’t like the pattern of this because there isn’t enough green in it and I found some shops online which sell patterned kitchen contact by the meter  so I’m going to buy some and I’ll let you know how that goes!

Anyway back to it!

I removed everything from the benches and cleaned the glass very well.


I chose this wrapping paper because it was full of the colours I was theming the house on, when it was a small area rolled up I really liked it but on the huge area of the wall it was a bit busy.



I cut the wrapping paper so it fit exactly the size of the space. I then cut another 1cm off around it so there was a gap for the edges of the contact to stick to. I attached the wrapping paper to the wall using strips of thin double sided tape all over it.



The contact was much thinner so I used several vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones. I carefully applied strip by strip making sure it stuck to the thin area of glass around the paper, overlapped each previous one slightly and had no air bubbles. This took quite a long time but the results were worth it.


And that was it! Done and dusted. It took quite a while but it was certainly better than the blue. I’m looking forward to seeing the green version once I’ve order it!




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