Omg finally photo hair tutorials!! James has made me a nice new set up to take the photos in so you’ll be seeing lots more of this in the near future!

At the bottom of this post there is a downloadable version and a video in case you get stuck.

So let’s get into it!



Start with brushed hair.



Grab a small section at the top of your head and brush it up and to one side.



Using a hair tie, make a ponytail but leave quite a bit of extra hair tie.




Pull the hair through the band again but only pull it a little way so it make a little loop like this:



Twist the hair band so it traps the loop in place:



Hold the loop in the palm of your hand and pull the loose hair through the hair tie again to form a second loop.


You should have something like this:



You can see the direction the hair comes through the band in this photo an the way the band wraps around.



Now to make it look more like a bow, push it forward and pin in place.



You can use the tail of hair to make the middle of the bow and cover the hair band. To do this just pull it backwards and pin there.



Like this!



I prefer to cover the band with a little flower.



This style looks extra cute if you curl the ends so it looks like a ribbon!



All done!



It’s worth giving it a blast of hairspray to keep in place. If you don’t want to use hairspray or you have thinner hair you can tease the ponytail so it has a better chance of staying in place.


Sometimes it’s easier to understand these kinds of things by seeing it in video form so here’s a video too!

I hope guys all enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it! Lots more to come, the new year is making me feel re-energised and creative!


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