Welcome to the next room in Home Sweet Home: the bedroom!

Read each of the rooms below:

Before and after:

Just the after this time.

Bedroom 2

I don’t think I have a before photo of the whole bedroom because I never thought it was nice enough to take photo of. Imagine a lot of black though, all of our bed stuff was black and the carpet is a very dark blue so it was basically a light pit.

Photo spam:

From the doorway it now looks so much bigger.


There are no windows but having a similar theme for everything makes it feel a lot less claustrophobic.


My wardrobe has actual organisation and a system for hanging things. Not only that but it’s colour coded and all of the shelves have been decoupaged in the same paper as the door.


The laundry bin is still a personal favorite in this room.


As much as the big cupboards suck for actual storage, I love having the huge mirrors. It really gives a feeling of space.


Another edition of spot the sleeping puppy XD

My make up area has been compressed and organised. Organisation for the win!

You can also see the ruffle for the bed here that I made from the princess curtains I had in the lounge..


Everything in the house has been themed pink and green as much as possible. Flowers are a big inspiration, I want it to always be Spring here no matter the season!

The new bedspread.


The wallpaper on the doors fits the theme without being too overpowering.


James’ bedside table:


My bedside table.


It’s the little details that tie it in together like that I painted our cord holders with nail polish to match.



Background information:

I have a love hate relationship with our bedroom. I want to love it but the carpet makes me hate it. It’s so dark that the bedroom seems like a total sink hole for light. I can’t do anything much about that other than putting rugs down so for now it’s something I have to live with. So I did my best to brighten the rest of the room using better linen, covering all of the black shelves and painting everything I could white. I covered up all of the glass so there was a bit more privacy and also brighten it even more. I reused the curtains I made as a ruffle to cover the bottom of the mattress, it was a bit sad to cut them up but I feel like it fits better and I still have the second one to do something else with.

The biggest problem I have with this room is the cupboard. The person that designed this cupboard has never used a cupboard in their lives. Out of the 3 doors only 1/2 of them is really useable space because the left side opens to a wall and the right side is too small to fit coat hangers in -_-‘ This is a massive pain as it means clothes really need to be stored out in the bedroom taking up more space. What it did do was make me think outside the box. I installed thin shelves in the cupboards so I could keep things we don’t use often in there and give James’ clothes a separate space so he could get them more easily. The things there now actually have a place and boxes to make the storage easy.

Everything is now bright and airy. Well as airy as a room with no actual windows can be ^_^ It feels like a relaxing place to live and sleep. I love going to bed at night. I find it so nice to lay in bed and read now where as before living in clutter and darkness it didn’t feel relaxing at all. I think that this room really is the epitome of what I was trying to achieve with this project. It IS my home sweet home.

Changes made:

  • Painted the side tables
  • New bed linen
  • Painted the vanity/completely reorganised that area
  • Decoupaged the shelves
  • Changed the shelf configuration
  • Organised and painted the bed side tables
  • Made a bedhead
  • Made a ruffle for the bottom of the bed
  • Covered the walls with new paper
  • Polished the mirrors
  • Reorganised the cupboards and added shelving
  • Moved James’ clothes to their own spot in the cupboard

Still to be done:

  • Buy more storage boxes from Daiso for the inside of the cupboard
  • Think of a way to cover the carpet to something brighter

Final thoughts:

This is the last room in our apartment and so it’s the last day you’ll be seeing the reveals. I think this room is the perfect way to end the series as it really embodies the concept of Home Sweet Home. It was hard work and I had to think very creatively to make this room work but I love it. It works for me and more importantly it works for us as a couple. I love our bedroom and I’m so proud of the work we’ve done and the fact that doing it together has brought us closer together.

Bonus progress photos:

Spray painting the end tables was a real challenge as we don’t just have a back yard to do this kind of thing in! I ended up having to create a massive box to house the tables in then open the doors and point the fan up the top to prevent spray back and the fumes from killing us XD VioletLeBeauxP1080267_19239   Ingenuity! VioletLeBeauxP1080271_19243   Silly but it worked like a charm. My favorite part of the bedroom was changing the covers. We bought this set from Target after a long discussion over which would look best. VioletLeBeaux-Fake-Window-Box-Tutorial-100_18241     The change from black to white was such a big thing! Thank you helper James for putting it all together! VioletLeBeauxP1070127_18268   I ended up turning the matching pillows into the headboard too so that worked out really well. VioletLeBeauxP1070131_18272     The old clothing racks were all over the place and really didn’t stand up well XD VioletLeBeauxP1060115_16939     So I decided to pull it all apart and start from scratch. VioletLeBeauxP1080665_20122 This gave me a chance to go through things and decide what I really LOVED and what could be packed away or given to charity. If it wasn’t going to be worn a lot it didn’t go back on the racks. VioletLeBeauxP1060643_17549   I also colour coded all of the clothes which really helped with making it look organised. This was all before I took the shelves apart and re organised them all. VioletLeBeauxP1080670_20127 Make sure you come back tomorrow for the last instalment: What Have We Learned!

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