Welcome to the next room in Home Sweet Home: James’ area!

Read each of the rooms below (links updated as I post):

Before and after:

This will always be a boys area so it’s never going to be pink and pretty but it’s well organised and not another light hole now!

Jimmy's Special Area

Before the work James had a massive set of black selves for his photography stuff. It wasn’t ideal as we couldn’t find anything because it was so fat, plus his black shelves held black gear. His desk was also very unorganised. -Fake-Window-Box-Tutorial-306 Photo spam:

James tends to keep his things in small piles so I think I might get him a little box or something to keep them in.


At least as time goes by he’s replacing his old broken things with nice things!


The two main things he keeps are photography things and music things.


The photography stuff now has a better set of shelves which don’t take up as much space. You may recognise them from the original food area!


Of course there are still some cute touches. This is from the first time we ever took purikura together 😀





The top of the mini fridge holds Lottie’s things. Since taking these photos I’ve moved her things to inside the cupboard and I’m working on another flower arrangement to keep here.


Background information:

James’s desk takes up a lot of room in our living area but it’s a very important part of the house. Without it I couldn’t bug him to take photos of me XD His requirements for our houses are always that he needs a decent desk and a place to store his photography stuff. In an apartment it’s a bit harder to put that into action without a separate room for it, especially because he likes to watch tv from his desk! The layout we have at the moment works reasonably well for this as he can see around his computer and there’s a space for shelves. It would be nice if we could switch his desk out to a much smaller one so we might be able to turn it sideways and reclaim the space he’s not using. I didn’t want to do too much here because it’s James’ space but the changes we did carry out actually did make a difference to brighten the whole room.

Changes made:

  • Shelves swapped
  • Desk covered with a table cloth
  • Desk reorganised

Still to be done:

  • Better more comfortable (and less ugly) chair
  • Smaller desk
  • Paint shelving

Final thoughts:

I don’t think this area was ever going to be cute and girly, it’s James’ area after all and he’s not exactly in love with the idea of daisies covering his computer monitor XD That said having the table cloth really brightens the room up. Hiding the black photography gear in the shelves works well and the only improvement I could think there would be to either paint them or have a door so they are hidden entirely. All in all as long and James is happy with it so am I!

Bonus progress photos:

This is from when I changed the shelves out, notice the lovely model who kind of looks like he’s trying to flirt with the camera XD

VioletLeBeauxP1070484_18596   The desk was given to us by SuperKawaiiMama and it’s served very well these last few years but I think it’s time to get something smaller which we can turn around. DSC_3611 Make sure you come back tomorrow for the next instalment: Violet’s Area!

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