Welcome to the next room in Home Sweet Home: the laundry!

Read each of the rooms below (links updated as I post):

Before and after:

I didn’t actually think to take any before photos of this because I didn’t think I would be doing anything with it! And really there wasn’t that much done in here.

Photo spam:


Background information:

The laundry tends to be another dumping ground. We used to keep dirty clothes ready to be washed in the sink until we discovered that it was leaking and causing things to mould *_* That was actually a blessing in disguise as it made me get organised and clean it up a bit more. When we got Lottie we needed a place to keep all of her things which was out of the way but still easy to get to and this was the most logical place. I added the shelving to give us some more space but to be honest it needs even more shelving now it’s full of Lottie’s junk!

Changes made:

  • Shelves added
  • Reorganised everything
  • Shoe organiser added for the bottles

Still to be done:

  • Needs some kind of decoration
  • Maybe decorating the washing machine
  • Turn the top of the washer into an ironing board
  • Paint/decoupage shelves
  • Find a better place for the shopping cart
  • Maybe find more shelves to put over the sink for Lottie’s things

Final thoughts:

This is probably the room that still needs the most work. It’s really not even a room, it’s just a cupboard in the bathroom but I don’t want to leave any stone unturned in this house. Because it’s out of site, it tends to be a bit out of mind but I want to enjoy opening the door and having to do washing. I hate washing so it would be nice to be able to open it up and smile at how pretty it is!

Bonus progress photos:

Again I didn’t take any because I didn’t do much here XD

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the next instalment: James’ area!

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