Welcome to the next room in Home Sweet Home: the bathroom!

Read each of the rooms below (links updated as I post):

Before and after:

Totally bright!



Before it was very white but also very cluttered.

VioletLeBeauxP1050206_9489 copy

Photo spam:


The pretty mirrors on the doors 😀


I love the Cristina Re butterfly paper.


The flower vase suits the bathroom a lot more than it did the living room!


I think this area needs a little more organising as it’s gotten messy after moving some more make up in here. I’m going to buy some cute little containers from Daiso to keep it all out of the way.




The vase is full of memorable things. James found me this peacock feather the first time we ever visited the Zoo on Billy Idol Day 😀


I love my repurposed MOR containers.


I made a new little door stop by filling a candy container with rice and putting pretty fabric around it.


Background information:

When we inspected the property to decide if we wanted to rent it, the bathroom was locked shut from the inside and so we couldn’t see it. We applied anyway because we were pretty desperate at the time and this was the nicest place we’d seen so far. Rental competition was very high at the time and we were lucky that it was raining and the agent was 30 minutes late so almost everyone else gave up and went home before the inspection even started. Fast forward to when we actually got the keys and a locksmith had opened the bathroom up. I was so surprised and happy at how nice and big it was! Big is definitely relative, it’s much smaller than our last places but it was still the biggest we’d seen in a city apartment. Unfortunately I covered my nice pretty modern bathroom with a bunch of bathroom junk XD That’s the problem with pretty modern houses, they look great until you put stuff in them! So I’ve had to find a medium between the white and the pink clutter!

Changes made:

  • Removed all of the stuff on the walls and accessories to put elsewhere
  • Rearranged everything and removed things which were not suitable for the bathroom
  • Added the big mirror (we found it in the trash)
  • Added flowers
  • Added shelves to the shower

Still to be done:

  • Possibly something to decorate the shower more?
  • Matching towels
  • Add some more flowers to fill out the bunch

Final thoughts:

The bathroom didn’t need a lot of work, it just needed some thought and for me to stop being so lazy. It’s got a great base and in my dream house this is the styling I would probably choose. I like plain things which can then be embellished to whatever you feel like afterwards and then changed depending on taste and mood. I’ve always liked my bathroom here but now I love it.

Bonus progress photos:

The day we moved in:

DSC_1148jpeg copy

The first time I tried to do some decorating:

P1020841 copy

After getting the big mirror it just looked even more cluttered but it was the accessories which were the problem not the mirror. Lucky because I love the mirror!

VioletLeBeauxP1050205_9488 copy

The next version where we were thinking “minimalist”. It didn’t last long!


Make sure you come back tomorrow for the next instalment: the Laundry!

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