Due to some technical issues with the photos, I’ve had to delay the Home Sweet Home reveals for a day but look forward to the first post about the living room tomorrow!

This is most likely the last Round Up post for quite a while as I move things around and change my posting schedule but it’s a good one D

It’s been a little slow video-wise what with the holidays but in the mean time before I’m back at it properly I hope you guys enjoy this Tartan OOTD and the last of the December vlogs!

Strawberry Picking kinda! Day 23

The day before Billy Idol Day Eve! Day 24

Billy Idol Day Eve! Day 25

Happy Billy Idol Day! Day 26

Boxing Day Sales! Day 27

Korean Dinner Date! Day 28

Lottie’s New Years Resolutions! Day 29

Queen Victoria Markets! Day 30

24 Hours on the couch! Day 31

Get Ready With Me For NYE! Day 32

The End? Day 33

Hope you all had a good weekend! ^_^

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