It’s been so rainy lately, I love it!


The city looks so beautiful in the rain.

Melbourne-Snapshots717Melbourne-Snapshots723I look slightly less beautiful in the rain XD


The trees are competly green now and it makes for the most amazing scenes during the day.


We’ve been trying to make new dishes but very cheaply so we can get more variety in our food at home. I love trying new things and James made arancini for the first time. YUM!! What are your favorite dishes when you’re budget conscious? I want to try them all!


James whole heartedly approves haha.


I saw this awesome cat palace thing and I was so tempted to buy it for Lottie in a different colour, she would LOVE it! She is obsessed with climbing stuff, I think she’s a cat XD


The big wheel at Docklands looks like it might be finished soon. They’ve been rebuilding it for so many years now *_*


Architecture time!


And beautiful flower time! I love the colours in these!


Bonus pic, I leave you with the creepiest advertisement I’ve ever seen. I saw it on the side of a van for a water purifier company. They look so evil *_*


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