After what seems like a very long time I finally managed to try out Dolly Wink lashes. They were given to me by my lovely friend Glo-w who sent the cutest care package. Considering they retail here for $30+ I was really apprehensive!


So how do they stack up? They are very well made.


The band is thin and the lash placement is very good.


They are extremely comfortable for every day wear and quite durable, after around 4 uses I had a couple of lashes sticking in odd directions but they were easy enough to smooth back into place.


You can see from the photos they make quite an impact. These are some of my all time favorite every day lashes. The only problem I have is the price. If I was living in Japan or they were the same price here as they retail for there I would probably ditch every other pair I had and stick with only Dolly Wink. Unfortunately as they don’t sell them properly here the lashes are only available via importers at pretty crazy prices.


VERDICT: I love the lashes, I guess this post is really saying PLEASE Dolly Wink, come and sell here in Australia I can’t afford to buy you at imported prices ;_; … or take me back to Japan so I can buy there! XD


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