It feels like I’ve been doing a lot of outfit videos lately but they are so much fun! I feel like you can get a better sense of how an outfit really works in a video.

Today’s is a pink school-ish number. I wore it when James’ parents were visiting. We played pool and I cheated won fairly because of my awesome skill.

An easy hair tutorial too, this one is good for summer and even better if you like braids but can’t work out how to do them around the head! It’s a basic side ponytail but the back is all twisted!

Vlog Time!!

Day 10- Christmas decorating and shipping fail. December vlogs day 10

Day 11- Boyfriend Does My Make Up Tag – December Vlogs Day 11

Day 12- Lottie The Pomeranian Practices Her Tricks! December vlogs

Day 13- I’m sick! December vlogs

Day 14- Interpretive Dance

Day 15- Stir Crazy!!!! December Vlogs Day

Day 16- Modifying An iPhone 4 Headphone Case- December vlogs day

Hope you all had a good weekend! ^_^

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