Omg how much has Lottie grown?


We are finally able to take her out for walks now and her legs have grown so she looks like a little puff ball on skinny little legs XD


She LOVES walking. When I say walking I really mean running every single direction to smell stuff other than the direction we’re actually walking in.


But she’s learning the “heel” command quite well now.


So we only have to stop every minute for sniff tests.


She’s taken to napping in the afternoon sun now it’s getting warm.


She’s got such a lot of personality for such a little dog and she LOVES meeting new people


She’s also terrified of new people so it makes walks quite hilarious. Walking her has brought us into some new situations as she’s a great conversation starter. Most of the time people are nice but there are some people who really overstep the personal space boundaries. I’m not a fan of people who just pat her without asking me first. That’s such a dangerous thing to do with a dog you’ve never met before. Strangers have no idea whether she bites or not *_* Some people have even come and just picked her up without asking permission which is all kinds of not cool. I could rant a lot more about this but let’s go back to the happy place of looking at puppy photos!


Her little ears have popped up completely now and she looks so mischievous!



The look totally suits her though because her personality is definitely that of a very clever trickster! Most days she’s smarter than me >_<


She knows how to get one over on James too >_>


They also have turned into partners in crime. I often look over to see this look of guilt:



She makes a really great scarf too.


I see her every day so I didn’t even realise how much she’s grown up until I was looking through the photos on my phone the other day. She’s so well behaved (most of the time) and even though she’s still only around 4.5 months old she’s growing into my perfect dog.


LOVE her face!

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