One of the things I wanted to make in the Home Sweet Home project was a notice board. I made one when we lived in Brisbane but it was too big to bring with us so I have been making do since moving here.

We have a massive glass door which leads to our bedroom so I figured that was the perfect place to put one! This is the result:


Now it’s up, I really like it but I’m debating whether I would rather just cover the glass with some nice paper and put the board and polaroids/business cards somewhere else. That’s for another day though so today I’ll just show how I made all of this!

You need:

  • Cardboard
  • Foam/corkboard/something to stick pins into (I’m using the rest of that old yoga mat)
  • Fabric to cover it all
  • Decorations: popsicle sticks, paint, lace etc
  • Hot glue
I was reusing old supplies for most of this.


Cover the cardboard in foam and hot glue it down. I used that same old yoga mat and because there wasn’t much left I made a bit of a patchwork XD


Next cover it all with fabric. Again I was using scraps so I did it in two sections.


Tadaa 😀


The finish was a bit rough so I glued thick elastic around the edges and middle. This made it look more like a window. You could easily use ribbon or something else similar.


So far:


Now I wanted to make a little white picket fence to go around it too so I used popsicle sticks.


I snipped off one of the ends…


Painted them all white…


And left them to dry while I did the next part.

I decided to hold this on to the glass using some double sided tape.


Here it is on the wall:


Then I added the popsicle sticks in a picket fence design over the top. It turned out that having the sticks over the top of the board made it too thick to slide back into the wall. Boo! I ended up removing that section and leaving the rest.


Decoration time now! I used some green yarn to hang from the top of the boards to the sides of the door.


I used little pegs to hold photos there.


I made matching swoops of yarn on the other panels.


It wasn’t quite fancy enough so I added some little flowers around the fences and drew in some grass with a green whiteboard marker.


Lastly I made our initials out of pearls and added them to the top.


All done!


I love that all my photos and pretty things are on display like this.


But I’m not sure if this is going to be the room’s final incarnation or if I’ll recover it.


I think I’m coming to accept a bit more that my house is always going to be a work in progress! 😀

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