Ever wanted to make your own hair curlers? I haven’t really but I did want to see if foam rollers would work in my hair so I set out to give it a try!


You need:

  • This foam or an old yoga mat which is what I used.
  • Scissors
  • Pen
I used some off cuts from the craft box I made last week.


They are extremely easy to make, you just need to cut the following shape:


It’s basically a heart at the top and a squiggle at the bottom, it looks a bit like a key. Make sure to cut a hole in the heart and a line down the squiggle. Really you could just do a circle at the top but the heart is cuter 😉


Repeat depending on how many you need. I decided on 6 because I wanted to use them for a light wave effect in my hair.


Before you use them make sure the end of the squiggle is the right size to be pulled through the hole in the heart. This is how they will stay together.


Now to use them, brush your hair out and hairspray it. Grab a section of hair and poke it through the cut in the squiggle.


Roll the whole thing upwards to your head.


Poke the end of the squiggle through the hole in the heart and it will stay in place.


Repeat with the other sections of hair. Where you place the curlers will effect the kind of curl you get in the end.


Sleep with them in overnight. I actually found these to be more comfortable than pin curls as they are so squishy. In the morning unravel them all very carefully.


The curls are just a little wavy rather than spiraly. If you want tighter curls you need to do smaller sections.


After brushing through and styling they look quite pretty!


You get the pretty waves without taking up time in the morning or putting in much effort.


And from the back:


Overall I would call this a success, the rollers worked well for the wavy effect I was looking for. I may make some more so I can get a variety of curl shapes too. What do you think?

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