Today’s project is a new version of my old post about glitter sneakers. Even though I haven’t done a Sneaker Sunday post in aaages I still love them and I still love customising my own!

This is my latest pair of glitter sneakers. You can see the old technique of painting the glitter sneakers in this post.


You need:

  • Glitter
  • Fabric glue (not pva like the last tutorial)
  • Paper to put down so you don’t make a huge mess
  • Sneakers
So rather than buying new sneakers I decided to redo my old deco sneakers. I did these 3-4 years ago and while they are not in terrible condition they are a little worse for wear.


There’s a post on how to maintain sneakers and shoes which are decorated in case you’re interested too.


Anyway the first step was removing all of the deco pieces and bows and giving the shoes a thorough wipe down.


The key to this version is to use wash and wear fabric glue. The brand doesn’t matter but it need to be washable. In the old version I used pva glue and mixed the glue and glitter together. That way does make a smaller mess but it takes longer and because the glitter is fairly encased it’s not quite as shiny.


Put sheets of paper down so you can easily clean up the mess later. So section by section coat each side of the shoe in a generous amount of glue. Then while the glue is still wet slowly tip glitter on. Be generous and don’t worry if the glitter piles up.


After the glue is dry to the touch shake off the extra glitter. Leave the shoes to dry over night and then brush off any remaining loose glitter OUTSIDE. You want to be very thorough with this brushing and make sure every possible piece of loose glitter is gone or else you’ll leave a trail of glitter everywhere you walk. I took mine into the shower and banged them together until nothing else came off.

And that’s it! Because this is fabric glue it holds on to the glitter so well that no top coat is needed at all. Super shiny = winner!


Now you just need some shiny clothes to go with them!

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