It’s snapshots time!

Oh Australia, cheap signs like these are why overseas tourists become so confused about our wildlife. Why is a koala the baby on board the kangaroo?!


Lottie is learning lots of new tricks, she’s totally a top dancer now! I think she should go on some kind of doggie dancing reality tv show.


I saw these sneakers, it was like looking back into the 90’s, Sporty Spice would be proud.


We’ve been watching Cougar Town recently and I found Big Carl in a junk store ahahaha! Now if only I actually drank wine, is it less cool to drink cranberry juice out of him?


Oh! Remember how I said I found that op shop in the city? Some of you asked for directions, well it’s inside the Block Arcade, near Koko Black.


You go down the creepy stairs towards “Dungeon of Magic” whatever that is… and it’s the Brotherhood of St Laurence boutique.


Lottie got microchipped and had some more injections. She was so sad!


Totally brave though, she didn’t even cry. The vet said that almost all of the other dogs cried, go Lottie!


She kept trying to jump into my arms from the table XD So cute!


The second it was done she ran back into the travel case. She looks so cute staring out. She wasn’t a big fan of the other dogs there because they were all very loud and distressed.


The trees have been so beautiful lately around here.


Lottie discovered her love for tea and her annoyance that she can’t have any.


She also learned to nap standing up.


I saw some cute mannequins at Spotlight and decided I want to make one to display things at home.


Some pretty architecture.


We went fabric shopping in Brunswick, everything is *so* cheap there. I’m never buying fabric from Spotlight/Lincraft again. I’m really looking forward to making some more clothes. Cute work out clothes here I come!


James enjoyed shopping for our Halloween decorations, these photos are from a while ago XD


Worst halloween costume EVER. Seriously. It’s a bra with bleeding eyes. CANNOT UNSEE.


We spotted some yarn bombing on park benches. It said “Tell me a phurphy”. No clue what it’s in reference to but yay yarn bombing!


Some cute tea pots, I love that it comes with a basket for sugar cubes! I just love sugar cubes. And carrots. And having my nose stroked. What?


A cute florist I saw while we were shopping.


And more pretty architecture. Well a lot of it’s run down but it looks like it used to be very pretty.


Lottie decided to see if she could join the Kiss tour.


And to end let’s go with some more cute puppy photos… because I keep taking them >_<


I’ve totally turned into one of those people who talks about nothing other than their dog… but she’s SO cute! And I’ve been stuck inside with her all the time until she gets used to being alone for more than a few hours or can come out too so I really haven’t done anything that interesting!


I reget nothing!!!! Mwahahaha~


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