It’s time for some more Lottie Loving 😀 (but not the kind she gives to the stuffed dog we gave her *_*)

She’s getting so good with her tricks now. My favorites are Shake and Dance, she is so freaking cute when she dances!


These photos are a little old but I’m going nuts with taking photos now while she’s growing up so I can document it all.

The cuddling hasn’t stopped either, she is a big cuddler. She loves to run and fetch her favorite toy then jump into my lap to eat it. She’s awesome at fetch!


In fact she’s great at jumping too! We noticed how much she loves to jump so James made her a jump track to do. I want to take her to agility classes, I think she would have so much fun!


Of course, she doesn’t make it quite every time XD


She likes to cuddle while we watch videos on the ipad.


She still loves strangers, terrible guard dog. If we ever get broken in to she’s going to lick the burglar to death. We had some visitors from Brisbane and she became so over excited that she wet herself >_<


Her favorite toy is the one that has slots for food.


I managed to get her to wear a bow though! We’re still working on whether it will actually stay on XD


She loved the new rug I made so much so that I’m going to make her a mini one. She really loves yarn!


Her introductions to the outside have been only through the window at the moment but soon she’ll be outside and walking on the leash like a champion!


She met the Lottie who lives in the mirror. She does not like EvilLottie at all. She gets very annoyed that she has to share her room with Evil Lottie.


Bergamot is quite jealous of all the attention Lottie’s getting at the moment. I think Lottie may wake up with pen marks all over her face from evil Bergamot one day.


This is the face she gives when caught being naughty:


And she makes an awesome pillow:


I don’t think there’s much point me explaining these any more, they’re all just adorable puppy photos!


Argh extreme love 😀 I know I post about her a lot but she’s brightened my life so much and every time I look at her it makes me happy! I’m teaching her a lot of new tricks at the moment, but I’m running out of ideas, what do you guys think I should teach next?

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