When I’m crafting I sometimes find it hard to focus. My mind tends to wander if I’m doing repetitive things so I either do it while we’re watching movies at night or listen to music to get me going.

I like to tailor my playlists depending on my mood so I have a “Let’s get cute things done” list with all of my favorite upbeat songs. If you need something to craft to you can come back to this page and listen to some of them!

Recently we’ve been watching som Korean TV shows like We Got Married so I’ve been in the mood to listen to lots of Kpop again.

Orange Caramel- Lipstick

I like about half of Orange Caramel’s song but this one is so damn catchy it gets stuck in my head all the time! And the music video makes me laugh SO much.

GaIn- Bloom

I love GaIn in BEG but her new solo stuff is so fun, this song is so beautiful.

IU- Good Day

IU has such a lovely voice and this song is so cute. In fact all of her song are cute.

IU- Marshmallow

This one is totally the cutest though, it’s got a gigantic marshmallow man in it! I laugh so hard every time he falls over.

Perfume –  Chocolate Disco

Not Kpop but Jpop! Perfume have some fantastic song to craft to, they’ve got good beats and are quite upbeat and repetitive.

Perfume – Macaroni

This is one of the slower more relaxing of Perfume’s songs which I like to listen to at night.

F(x)- Nu ABO

I hated this song so much when I first heard it but we watched the Khuntoria couple on WGM and I heard it so many times it grew on me. Actually one of my favorite songs now *_* Good for walking too, it’s hard not to break out into the dance though haha.

CNblue- I’m a Loner

These guys remind me of a 90’s soft rock band so much, LOVE them!

Secret- Shy Boy

Secret is one of my favorite kpop group ever! This is my favorite song of theirs because the video is SO cute. Their style changes so much between each song and I love their dances.

Miss A- Goodbye Baby

Miss A is another cute group, they’re a little edgier but still sweet. Suzy was very cute in Dream High too. My favorite song of theirs is Goodbye Baby because it’s got a great beat for things like knitting and crochet. You can get in to the rhythm well and by the end of the song your project is half done!

Owl City- Honey and the Bee

Moving on from k and jpop I adore this song from Owl City. It reminds me so much of watching Pushing Daisies which is one of my favorite shows ever.

Aqua- My Oh My

I am a child of the 90’s, I love Aqua, ’nuff said.

Aquabats- Hello Goodnight

James introduced me to the Aquabats and I think this is the cutest song. It always makes me so sleepy though.

Bare Naked Ladies- If I Had A Million Dollars

Now here’s a song which is nice because whenever James and I listen to it we spend ages afterwards thinking about what we’re going to do when we’re millionaires 😀

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies- Stay Just Don’t Stay

Again, child of the 90’s 😀

Billy Idol- Dancing With Myself

I like a lot of older music, I don’t listen to very much current music. If you’ve been reading my blog since before last Christmas you’ll understand my love for Billy Idol. He’s extremely awesome and this is my favorite song of his, not only because it’s catchy and upbeat but because the video is HILARIOUS. I mean seriously, zombies!!

I could really go on with these recommendations all day, I love music and I love songs that are upbeat and catchy!

Some of my other favorite bands are:

The Flight of the Concords, Frankie Wants Out, Jamiroquai, Jason Mraz, older John Mayer, every soft rock song ever from the 90’s, Motion City Soundtrack, Muse, The Ordinary Boys, The Stray Cats, The Voodoo Kreepers, The 88, Girls Generation, silly parodies from youtube including Schmoyoho. The list goes on 😀

In fact now that I’m thinking of all of these again I’m going to go do some crafting!

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