Today’s outfit features a little bit of DIY 😀

Jeans- Valley Girl, modified by me
Shoes- Big W, glittered by me
Shirt- Vanity Box
Hat- Modified by me last Summer tutorial here!

So I’ve been looking for pastel pink jeans for ages but most of the reasonably priced pink jeans I could find were this shade of highlighter pink. Cute but not what I wanted. Eventually I gave in and bought these from Valley Girl:


I bought them after reading the care tag which warns they may fade or transfer.


Rather than waiting for that I decided to speed up the process and gave them a bleach rinse.


After a few minutes they were the perfect shade!


Pastel and ready to be matched with all of my Summer clothes!


Very happy with them!


I don’t have many pants so I’m looking forward to changing it up and incorporating them with new outfits!