This week I made some strawberry cheesecake which I’ll hopefully perfect and be able to post the recipe of soon!


The sun managed to get out of bed and shine just a little when we visited the state rose garden.


This was a little sad, I know they are pests and not native but the bunnies here are so cute. Not at all like that jerk bunny on the sign!


Of course, we didn’t think that it wasn’t actually rose season so there were only a few buds XD


Still very beautiful though!


Flowers are one of my favorite things to take photos of but they just end up sitting on my hard drive doing nothing.


And here’s a photo of taking that photo… because I’m cool like that.


The fields on the way were extremely amazing colours.


I took the opportunity to take some outfit shots in the pretty location.



Kim joined me on the bench after she finished her outfit photos too and I pretended to be extremely hilarious so we could take some together.


I tend to be more awkward than hilarious though most of the time XD


Afterwards we went to a Vietnamese restarant and I had the most delicious pho and spring rolls. I’ve been dreaming about them ever since, though now it’s warm it’s probably not a great time for them!


Also Susie tried to eat my head when she visited. Her shirt had a cat on the front and the back, super awesome.


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