The window stickers we got from Daiso were almost the first thing we got to decorate our apartment. They really made the apartment brighter and they made it a little less awkward that our windows look directly into the neighbours lounge room.


Unfortunately after 2 years in the sun they were a little worse for wear 🙁 Most of them were fine but a couple were melty and faded.Off to Daiso we went for some replacements! This time rather than the stars I went for something a little more grown up.


Cherry blossoms for a more Spring/Summer feel. I would actually like to change them for every season now! But they only make stars and cherry blossoms =(


They’re a lot harder to see on the windows but they’re so pretty!


I positioned them to flow through the three windows like a breeze is blowing:



They certainly brighten up the place.


The theme I decided to go with for the apartment is floral so this really fits in well. I’m considering adding some matching ones to the kitchen too, what do you think?