So when I brought Lottie home one of the things I was looking forward to was doing some doggie diy projects. I wasn’t counting on all of our friends and family falling in love with her and spoiling her rotten XD

It was almost a month after we got her until she was bored over her other toys and I wanted to make her something else.

She enjoys yarn so I made her a bow shaped tug-o-war thing out of the yarn she likes.


She is completely obsessed with this particular yarn for some reason, she prefers squishy yarns, I assume because it’s

Let’s get started!

Tie a loop.


Pull the yarn through the loop forming another loop.


Pull it tight. Pull the yarn through again and pull, through and pull etc.


It forms a crochet style chain.


Keep going until you have a very long string.


Cut the end off and pull it through the loop.


Pull it tight so it knots off and won’t come undone.


Arrange the rope in loops which lay flat like this:


Tie the middle very tightly. The point of this toy is so the dog spends ages pulling it apart so the tighter you tie it the longer it will take the dog to do it.


Make a second shorter rope, I plaited this one just to make it a little more interesting.


Tie it rightly around the middle a couple of times so it makes it even more bow like and that’s done!


Of course it only works if your dog isn’t extremely lazy XD




Lottie wasn’t interested during nap time haha!


After she actually woke up  properly she tore the hell out of it. It took her a week to undo all fo the loops then I tied it back up again and she started from scratch. Never ending fun for her. Even more fun if you hide a treat in the middle. Now I’ve started making things like this I’m thinking of more I can do!

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