You know the whole point of growing out my nails was to do more nail art, but being so busy has meant that it was very easy to grow them out because I didn’t notice I had nails… but it also meant that I haven’t done nearly as much nail art as I was expecting to >_< I usually am in such a rush I don’t even wait for polish to dry ugh.

This is totally simple nail art for Summer or Spring… or to remind you of those warmer months. No nail art skills required!

Simple-Spring-Nail-Art71You need:

  • Green polish
  • Pink polish
  • Base/Top coat
  • Pen
  • Large pieces of glitter


First do a base coat.


Paint your ring finger with pink. You may need a couple of coats for it to be opaque.


Paint the rest of the nails with the green.


Make sure it’s completely dry before you continue.


Now for the decorations!


Put a small dot of top coat in the lower right corner of the nail. You will need to work fast before this polish dries.


Using the tip of the pen, place one silver piece of glitter in the middle and surround it with 6 pink pieces of glitter.


You should put pink flowers on the green nails and a green flower on the pink nails.


Once they are totally dry and you’ve done every finger give them all a top coat.


This will seal in the glitter and make them extra shiny.


Taadaa! You don’t need to be a whiz with a paintbrush for this one and it doesn’t take too long to do. Perfect for a girl in a rush in summer!

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