I think this is my last lot of snapshots from when it was still cold XD It takes me quite a while to actually get these up because I take so many photos *guilty*

James has been obsessed with looking through real estate books lately. He really wants to buy an apartment soon so we’ve started thinking about it more seriously again. Now we have Lottie the house is next on our long term goals now!


I posed with Statue Dame Edna in Docklands. I don’t know if I’m classy enough to stand next to her though haha.VioletLeBeauxMelbourne-Snapshot-576_20033

They had live ice statue carving there too! They were just finishing when I got there. The lion was pretty cool though!


Love the view back into the city from Costco.


Over the last few months the Zoo has been celebrating their birthday so they got artists to paint 50 versions of their baby elephant.


We’ve been trying to spot as many as possible.


Also apparently this one stole James’ hat… yeah. -_-‘


Clearly these elephants were extremely amusing!


And books! This is apparently the face that I make when thinking about books.


And lastly this building looked really cool because it’s so reflective that you can see the sky and the other buildings.


It’s been a weird week XD I hope you all had a good one!

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